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Here’s Our Process

Whether you prefer to meet online or in person, we value your time and are committed to working with you when and where it works for you. Here's what you can expect during our time together.

1. Get to Know

Complimentary 20 to 30-minute Phone Interview

  • Learn about you - hopes, goals, needs, concerns
  • Understand what you are looking for in an Advisor
  • Explore how we may be able to help
  • Schedule Consultation

2. Consultation

60 to 90-minute in person or video call

  • Explore your perspectives & experience with money
  • Discuss your values, goals and concerns
  • Consider your current life circumstances
  • Determine mutual expectations
  • Decide whether to work together

3. Personal Plan

In person or video meetings, phone calls and email

  • Establish your personal financial website
  • Analyze current situation & goals
  • Evaluate expected & potential outcomes
  • Develop recommendations
  • Discuss expectations & perceptions
  • Determine implementation steps

4. Relationships

Ongoing relationship including in person or video meetings, phone calls and emails.

  • Ongoing financial planning & investment management
  • Regular reviews per your preference
  • Consistent sharing of pertinent & timely information
  • On-going financial concierge – ask me anything, anytime

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